Colourful leggingsHow & why did Prêtcurry come to existence?… On my birthday last year, while celebrating with friends in the state of insobriety, suddenly had an epiphany as to where my life is heading?! What am I doing!? I did love my job but wanted to accomplish much more in this tiny life. Soon after that night, I quit my job in Bombay, came back to my roots in Kolkata and took a few months break to figure things out.



My love for fashion & style came naturally since my childhood. I would dismantle my old bracelets to make other accessories; make clothes for my dolls; it’s the same story for most of us, but my love for creating things kept on growing stronger, year by year. Be it looks, accessories, apparel or painting. I was always playing with different mediums, mixing things together just like how Indian curries are made – different, vast and distinct from each other.

I have always believed Fashion is not just about the brands or trends, its how you bring your own personality out, using things that are readily available to you. Not all of us can afford to keep buying new branded clothes or keep changing it along with the trends. I would say go travel with that money. My fashion statement has always been very practical and alternative and often shows a touch of the heritage culture that I have been exposed to.

Prêt literally means ‘ready’ in french, often used as prêt-à-porter meaning ‘ready-to-wear’. And dictionary meaning of curry ‘a dish of meat, vegetables, etc., cooked in an Indian-style sauce of strong spices’. Thus urban feel is what you are going to strongly see in this project with lot’s of layering and twists!






Photographer : Sarvajaya Chaudhuri & Kasturi Mukherjee